Tai Chi-like Chi Gong

Tai Chi-like Chi Gong is an integration of slow moving physical postures, a moving meditation of breath, and intention. This is an easy, powerful exercise that covers major energy pathways in the body but does not change direction like Tai Chi. It is best for those who desire an easier, quick technique and/or have some physical limitations. Like Tai Chi, benefits of Chi Gong include: Gong include: improved: focus, stress management, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. The practice strengthens: the heart, lungs, circulation, immune system, helps with weight control, spinal health, metabolism, reduces inflammation. Chi Gong improves overall energy and vitality, and provides a clearer life direction, and access to soul messages. It can help you live consciously, more joyfully, and empowered.

Ever feel you need magical or “golden” slippers to get you to exercise? Whether you are a young adult, thirty something, middle aged or elderly, those magical slippers slip right on when you practice this Tai Chi-like Chi Gong. Chi Gong circulates energy throughout the body, unblocks stagnant energy, and restores energy in the body’s system. Chi Gong is a gentle but powerful AEROBIC exercise that in fluid, slow movements, circulates energy throughout the body, unblocking stagnant energy, and focusing and restoring energy in the body’s system. My vision for this class is for those with varied flexibility and age—from  young adults to the elderly to practice an ancient art of health maintenance and healing. Therefore, my class welcomes those who do and don’t exercise regularly, and those who may be movement impaired, some who may only be able to do the exercises sitting down or even with a cane, and, IT WORKS! All benefit from the body-mind massage and energy from each age group. The exercise cultivates your energy while improving your health in all its aspects with easily memorized movements. Most body work techniques today are variations of Chi Gong.

Chi Gong is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions. The name means  “cultivating the life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.” Eight treasures is a unique Chi Gong (also known as Qi Gong or Chi Kung) style that was formally organized around 2,000 years ago, transmitted by the Ni Family through an unbroken succession of 74 generations of Taoist masters. The form is comprised of a series of movements arranged in 8 sections or “treasures.” The movements mirror movements of the universe– the motions of the planets and stars, as well as on the simplicity and power of nature. As our bodies are a small model of nature, by focusing on maintaining a smooth flow of Chi (Qi) in our bodies, our small universe can begin to attune to the greater rhythms of the Universe, thus preventing disease and creating health. Many health care professionals recommend Chi Gong as an important form of alternative complementary medicine.

The practice of Chi Gong and Tai Chi are not connected to any religion, and you do not need to believe any dogma to receive the benefits, although the practice of the exercises can enhance your faith. Just as with Tai Chi, there’s no need to memorize movements in order to reap benefits from the exercise although benefits increase when you do. Eight Treasures Chi Gong is “Movement for the Soul”—body, mind, and spirit that connects you to higher realms of awareness, increasing your human potential. Learn how to cultivate integrative health, energy, and meditation in whatever stage of life you are in. The effect of this exercise ripples beyond the exercise room. ALL skill levels welcome. The fluid, slow movement exercise is mistakenly perceived as just for the elderly. As with Tai Chi, a variety of age groups benefit.

Classes are open to those 18 and up. Practice this Chi Gong and exercise is easy! The practice of Eight Treasures Chi Gong is a great starter for advancing into Tai Chi, especially if you have not been exercising regularly. Come for a weekly body-mind massage. M-o-v-e and be moved. Let your energy flow.

For my home studio, please contact me for location directions. If you are not a regular attender, please RSVP so we can be looking for you. NOTE: Students younger than 18 may be more interested and challenged in Tai Chi. For teens, check out the teen class at Serenusfloat.com

“A gentle and easy, powerful exercise for those without or with physical limitations”

  • Increases blood flow and boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure
  • Increases respiration (lung capacity), overall energy, and vitality
  • Supports a healthy metabolism and healthy hormone regulation
  • Supports joint, connective tissue, muscle, and spinal health
  • Relieves anxiety, stress, and quiets the busy mind
  • Supports deep sleep and develops more focus
  • Builds strength and flexibility
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Cultivates access to higher realms, i.e. soul messages

Chi Gong. I watch,
my fingers float past my face back and forth
Chi Gong, Gong, Gong!
Ancient movement, mimicking
Eagles, wings spread wide, shhhh.

•••Poem by Gretchen Clearwater, student•••