Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a participatory journey of wisdom and/or healing. During Shamanic Reiki, using a combination of Shamanic and Reiki techniques, we receive intuitive messages, sometimes in the form of pictures and or words. These messages help guide me and you in finding the area that you might need in healing or in situations you are dealing with. Reiki allows positive energy to flow into the body through my hands which will help heal the energy flow in the body. Reiki can decrease pain levels, speed healing, and simply relax mind and body. I am grateful that I can help you on your soul path.

Contemporary physics and age-old energy medicine inform us that touch is as essential as sunlight, we are vibrational beings and, our thoughts rule the world. In this powerful combination of energy work, using Reiki, and Shamanic journeying techniques, you will understand how empowered you are in creating your health, wellbeing, and life direction. You will leave with insight and techniques to implement in your daily life. Treatments cultivate your ability to listen and guide yourself in life, promoting health in all aspects of body, mind, and soul.

Energy is in all things. Sometimes our body-minds and spirits can benefit from an “electrical rearranging” and focused inquiry. Shamanic Reiki is the application of using the “universal life force”, “God,” “chi, “spirit,” the higher self, the “divine,” whatever you may identify it as, to channel energy. It focuses energy on the body, the soul’s journey, and the energy field for the purposes of health maintenance and healing for the higher good. Shamanic journey methods and visualizations create active participation in clients which can then more deeply empower and heal. The secular practice heightens perceptions and enables patients to see into the deeper realms of self. According to the American Journal of Public Health, “…the process allows people to connect with the power of the universe… and enhances their sense of empowerment and responsibility.” Shamanic practice, originating in indigenous cultures worldwide, is being recognized in modern day health maintenance and healing for its accelerated healing, often providing faster results than traditional psychotherapeutic methods. In both Shamanic and Reiki practice, hands are either placed directly above the body or pressed lightly on it. Reiki is a form of shamanism. The combination is very powerful. Treatments are done on the fully clothed client. Clients wear loose clothing in order to promote the unencumbered flow of energy.

Both traditions are practical ways of accessing and being guided on our soul journeys and many people practice these techniques in their daily lives, even if they are not aware of it. That is why the traditions are enduring and, the methods can work even if we do not believe or understand completely. Shamanism is now used in Western therapy work and Reiki is now practiced as a complementary health care option in many hospitals. Just as with Tai Chi and Chi Gong, these practices are not connected to any religion, and you do not need to believe any dogma to receive the benefits, although the practice of these exercises can enhance your faith. The name Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is composed of two Japanese words, “Rei” and “ki.” “Rei” can mean universal, mystery, God, gift, Spirit, divine, holy, the highest, love, consciousness, or whatever other terminology works for you to express that which is both within us and connects us to what is beyond and bigger than us. Ki means life force energy. Shamanic Reiki can be defined as “guided life force energy” or “healing wisdom, guided by Spirit.”

Experience the touch of Shamanic Reiki, the connections to your soul and helping spirits, the beauty of sunshine flowing through your body, ancient treatment for modern day dilemmas. We recharge our cell phones. Why not our bodies and our extended energy fields? Take a journey. Make an appointment today.

“We’re going on a journey to other levels of reality for problem solving and healing. Whether you see this level of reality as a symbolic projection of a spiritual world or one that really exists, doesn’t matter. Insight does.” -EKP

Shamanic Reiki/divination journeys help you:

  • Get answers/advice to questions, or just have fun and learn about other worlds
  • Achieve personal growth, help on your soul journey, including everyday life issues
  • Improve relationships
  • Solve problems, resolve conflict
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Connect to the natural world
  • Make decisions
  • Increase your creativity
  • Anticipate the future
  • Better understand yourself and others
  • Unify the rational and intuitive mind
  • Make plans to achieve goals
  • Achieve whatever success means to you for the highest good

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