Sacred Heights Workshops provide techniques to recognize and communicate with your “sacred self.” This then enables you to make more appropriate and joyful decisions in your life. In these workshops you create your personal plan to empower, energize and realign/jumpstart your abilities in dealing with life– health, money, and relationships. In attending these workshops, you will leave with a variety of tools and techniques in integrative health practices and energy medicine to create a personal plans just right for you. The plans you create and tools used will address the body, mind, and spirit in empowering mindbodyspirit activities. After these workshops, you will never see your challenges in life in the same way and you will know more how to nurture yourself.

Every human is born with some sort of gift or gifts, an inclination or an instinct that wants to become a full-blown mastery. We may not see our gifts for what they are or we may be done with one gift and evolving into another. If we’ve seen the gift, we may not choose to accept it or, having claimed our gift, we may not be willing to do the work necessary to nurture and birth it. If wants are not manifesting, there may resistance or contradictory beliefs, conscious and/or unconscious that are stopping the attraction of what we want to manifest. This may occur at different moments or stages in our lives.

Make regular contact with that child with experience, your “Sacred Self,” the non-physical part of you. The name is not important—God, Source, Divine, Soul, Higher Self, Sacred Self, Inner Being, etc. but the communication is.

“In Kindergarten we explore ourselves and the world. Where is that child in you today in relationship to the world, and do you define your life’s work as play?”

Whatever stage you are in—single nester, empty nester, retired, each of us is a master of something, and part of being fully alive is to discover and develop our soul path in this lifetime, experiencing JOY every day. Where are you on your soul path? How do you look at your challenges and how are you handling them?

Are you recognizing your gifts, sharing them, living the life you want to live, in joy? As you change the way you feel, you access the Energy that creates worlds.