Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a moving meditation, “movement for the soul” that cultivates health in all its aspects of body, mind, and spirit. This is a GENTLE, SLOW MOVING, POWERFUL, AEROBIC EXERCISE, challenging at all levels of ability. Benefits, as with the Tai Chi-like Chi Gong include: improved: focus, stress management, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. The practice strengthens: the heart, lungs, circulation, immune system, helps with weight control, spinal health, metabolism, reduces inflammation. Tai Chi improves overall energy and vitality, and provides a clearer life direction, and access to soul messages.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise and self-defense designed to improve physical health, decrease stress and bring unity to mind, body and spirit. It is an invigorating exercise, dynamic relaxation, and practice that help you live consciously, more joyfully, and empowered. Chi uses martial arts movements performed very slowly in order to improve balance, coordination and strength. It also offer the practitioner a repertoire of movements useful in self-defense. Recent studies have shown Tai Chi to be beneficial for the immune system, arthritis, the heart, and Parkinson’s. Tai Chi is not only moving meditation but valuable psychotherapy and, according to Harvard Medical School it is also “moving medication.” Many Tai Chi movements originate from observations of nature and the simplicity and power of nature. As our bodies are a small model of nature, by focusing on maintaining a smooth flow of Chi (Qi) in our bodies, our small universe can begin to attune to the greater rhythms of the Universe, thus preventing disease and creating health.

This form of Tai Chi, the Old Northern Yang Long Form, was passed down from Grandmaster Yin Chian Ho. The slow movements circulate energy throughout the body, unblocking stagnant energy, and focusing and restoring energy in the body’s system. “Tai Chi, a slow movement exercise, enables one to more intensively find “the secret that sits in the center.” Although Tai Chi is indigenous to China and had been kept a secret for many years from other cultures, it is now practiced all over the world. It has been practiced in China for around 3,000 years. Fortunately, this treasure is now not just considered a national treasure of China, but also a world treasure for those who enquire. Tai Chi is a most valuable way to maintain and improve our health. Tai Chi is invigorating, energizing, centering, and health promoting. It is a powerful, expansive workout that cultivates your energy and intensively promotes health in all its aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

Tai Chi is “Movement for the Soul” that connects you to higher realms of awareness, increasing your human potential. You move from the core of your being. The practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gong are not connected to any religion, and you do not need to believe any dogma to receive the benefits, although the practice of the exercises can enhance your faith. Learn how to cultivate integrative health, energy, and meditation in whatever stage of life you are in. The effect of Tai Chi ripples beyond the exercise room in overall health. ALL skill levels welcome. The fluid, slow movement exercise is mistakenly perceived as just for the elderly. As with Chi Gong, a variety of age groups benefit. Classes are open to those 18 and up – young adults, middle age, mature, and older teens. Come for a weekly body-mind massage. Learn how to stream energy through your body, let the energy flow, and let it grow!

For my home studio, please contact me for location directions. If you are not a regular attender, please RSVP so we can be looking for you. NOTE: classes can be arranged for older teens.

“Expansive and powerful…The form of Tai Chi commonly taught on the West Coast.”

Balance & Weight Loss

“Weight issues are a concern of many people as is balance, as we age. Energy exercises help.”

Numerous scientific studies report that Tai Chi, Chi Gong, meditation and energy channeling help people have better physical balance and better mental, emotional, and spiritual balance which leads to better health. Weight issues are associated with imbalances. As we age, physical balance declines. However, Tai Chi and Chi Gong improve balance tremendously, decreasing chances of falling which is a common cause of injury in older people. Shamanic Reiki treatments address mental, physical, and emotional balance as well, and other integrative health techniques taught in Kindergarten for Adults address psychological issues which impact the physical.

Weight gain is linked not just to age and decreased physical activity but to a variety of mental patterns and habits that often the individual is not aware of. As an adjunct to a better diet, with regular Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation practice, increased walking, and the addressing of mental patterns, weight loss does occur. Tai Chi and this style of Chi Gong are AEROBIC EXERCISES which increase the heart rate. You don’t have to beat up your body to lose weight. You will notice that the more in shape you get with these exercises, the less you will perspire. When you perspire, you are releasing toxins from your body and improving your body’s condition.

Important benefits from Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Meditation are cardiorespiratory function and muscle strength.