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Tai Chi / Chi Gong
Persian Dance
Earth Tales

Tai Chi / Chi Gong Demonstrations/Parties

For more than 3,000 years the people of China (and throughout Asia) have known that exercise, to be effective does not have to be exhausting. Now YOU can find out yourself, along with friends. Tai Chi is practiced in many places from parks, homes, the corporate world, and schools.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise and self-defense designed to improve physical health, decrease stress and bring unity to mind, body and spirit. Tai Chi and Chi Gong consist of slow movements, many  originating from observations of the power in nature. Chi Gong is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention, and is easier than Tai Chi, but still a powerful exercise. Both Tai Chi and Chi Gong connect you to higher realms of awareness, increasing your human potential. Scientific studies indicate both exercises strengthen the cardio-respiratory system as well as the musculoskeletal system. Benefits also include: improved stress management, mindfulness, weight control, improved circulation, flexibility, balance, overall  health, and clearer life direction. These exercises are effective for a variety of age groups.

Tai Chi Party: 5-7 minutes dramatized Tai Chi and or Chi Gong Performance followed by 30/45 minutes to 1 hour of Tai Chi exercise instruction depending on the request of the group. $60.00

Persian Classical and Popular Dance Parties

A fun, festive contemporary party dance of Iran. Persian Classical dance is a historical re-creation from artwork on vases and paintings from the pre-Islamic era.

Persian Classical or Persian Miniature dance is a dance that depicts the qualities of perfection described in Persian poetry and Persian painting of past eras. This dance is a re-creation of movements represented on Persian vases and art work. The dance is a representation from the time period of the Persian Empire, prior to Islamic domination. Due to the “Silk Route,” Persian Classical dance has been influenced by many countries.

Persian Popular dance is the popular dance of people in Iran. The dance is common among the Iranian people of all ages and genders at parties and celebrations.

Persian Dance Party: 15 minutes Persian Classical Dance Performance followed by 30 minutes Persian Popular Dance instruction OR two 15 minute performances of Persian Classical. Arabic dance may also be requested. $60.00

Earth Tales and More

Who doesn't love a story and who doesn't love science when "Miss Elisa" steps into the classroom?!

As the Media & Education Director for the "District" (MCSWMD), Ms. Pokral is a regular presenter of environmental education with participants of all ages in Monroe County schools, childcare programs, clubs, and community organizations. Presentations are FREE. She has extensive experience in Indiana and in Utah in curriculum development for elementary and secondary schools. Her presentations meet state education standards and are interdisciplinary and interactive. She uses movement, music, cross-cultural literature, and character education that complement the schools educational efforts. She has presented at District hosted workshops for teachers, District Association conferences, the Hoosier Recreation Workshop, At-Your-School Child Services Professional Development Center in Indianapolis, and international education conferences. A series of cable TV infomercials that she writes and hosts as well as print articles also help people become environmental stewards. Some of her curriculum is published in an academic textbook, Handbook of Research on Pedagogical Innovations for Sustainable Development by IGI Global publishing. Pokral recieved a B.S. in journalism and an M.F.A. in performing arts. To book her Earth Tales or other series of presentations, click the link below. Presentations are FREE.

For Teachers:

Dance Biography

"Everything moves, everything dances, everything "sings.""

Elisa Pokral is a performer of Middle Eastern dance (Persian & Arab). She also has a NIA White Belt, training which incorporates a focus of sensory awareness in a variety of martial arts and dance styles. Pokral has taught Tai Chi and Chi Gong at the university level and in community classes and gives talks and demonstrations. She has presented recreation workshops on Middle Eastern Dance as well as Tai Chi and Chi Gong. She is an environmental educator, a spokesperson, and a health advocate. She enjoys sharing the joy of cross cultural dance. However, she does NOT sing, (only with children). Pokral has an M.F.A. in Arts Administration, (specializing in performing arts) from University of Utah.