Intention, Intuition, & Focused Energy

The most successful people most often set intentions and are very intuitive. Consciously or unconsciously, they use their intention and intuition to get where they want to go. In participating in Sacred Heights Tai Chi, intuition, a very practical, down-to-earth tool that is always available to help us deal with the decisions, problems, and challenges of our daily lives, develops and becomes more regularly accessible. The practice of the moving meditations of Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and other meditations, in addition to integrative health techniques taught in Kindergarten for Adults and New Age Life Skills for Middle School and High School helps people on their soul journey. This enables them to more frequently access intuition, and discover, cultivate, and intensify their focus in life.

These exercises aid people in determining life directions and opens them to their use of setting intentions, listening to their intuition, and understanding the importance of following their natural energy on their soul path in all things. Intuition speaks to us through insights, impressions, symbols, metaphors, images, divine whispers, and even screams. Because intuition connects us to the soul level of our existence, many people who develop their intuition find that it brings them into a deep relationship with their spiritual nature, and brings that spiritual connection into their daily lives.

We can reclaim and develop our natural intuitive abilities, to follow it and to allow it to become a powerful guide in our lives. Learn how to access, practice, and see where your use of intention, intuition, and natural energy lead you.

“Energy flows where attention goes. Destiny is in the instant.”
Where is your attention now?

When you live in the present, you repair the past and prepare for the future. (Tibetan proverb) “Be still and know that I am” (Jesus) “As above, so below. As within, so without.” (a metaphysical principle). The ability to be still helps you move in this world, grow, and change course when necessary. All cultures point the way to health via the need to incorporate meditation into your routine.

Chi Gong and Tai Chi are moving meditations. Both moving and sitting meditations help us gain stillness within motion, expand our inhalations and exhalations in daily life which lower our breath into the abdomen, puts less pressure on our heart, and lowers blood pressure. This leads to greater cardiorespiratory health and better mental and emotional clarity. Meditations (sitting, other moving meditations, and guided meditations) are done at the end of each session.

Meditations do not have any religious connotations. However, they serve to adjust your heart rate, store your energy, center, connect, and inspire you. “The length of your life is determined by the number of breaths you take. Every day you should become breathless.” (Yogis) Numerous scientific studies on meditation show the vast variety of health benefits to be gained from “finding the secret within.”

“Meditation, whether moving or sitting, is a window to the soul.”